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Passnod single sign-on management

Access management, but better Cover photo


Passnod has developed access management that is used by renowned banking and insurance companies. Our task was clear. We rebranded the product and gave it a unique visual style. And not just that. We have worked on Passnod from identification of marketing persona through logo creation to the creation of a new website.

Marketing personas

For the passnod project, we have defined 2 marketing personas, which from the beginning were based on a real sales process. For these personas,we have created separate pages with different copywriting and access to explain the functionality of the product.

Passnod photo 1

Making of visual identity

Passnod is a product with strong technical accent for clients from mostly corporate environment. The tool is a solution to a number of security and access issues. It is necessary for us to create a sense of trust in large corporations. We can achieved this feeling with the right colors, the tone of communication and the sales process itself.


Passnod gallery - logo
Passnod logo final

First impresion

In the B2B segment, it is very important to make a good first impression. If you want to look professional at your personal meeting, prepare a brochure that's easy to read. For passnod we have created a brochure that is full of value and benefits.

Passnod book pdf



Do you know that the average attention time of your website's visitors is 3 seconds? That's why we've created a simple, easy-to-understand website for Passnod that attempts to explain immediately what benefits Passnod does for the companyyy.

Passnod book pdf
Passnod website